How to look like Cindy Crawford

Secrets of a slim figure and a youthful appearance for a woman in the forties shared former supermodel Cindy Crawford (48). It sounds very simple. “Being happy. This is honestly the most important thing, “says Cindy. Happiness is the key that makes her look incredibly great. Ok, it is not just sitting on the sofa, eating and being happy.

Cindy Cindy also does regular sports activities. However, as she herself admits, she is never forcing herself to be strictly disciplined just 80% of control is enough, because it is more achievable. Beautiful brunette shares a secret of successful diet. She allows herself to eat a piece of chocolate every day without feeling guilty, because as she says: “When a woman in her forties aims at the weight loss, it immediately shows in the face, you will still look super-skinny, but too old.”

And how does Cindy keep her youthful look? Suntan lotion every day, proper fluid intake, getting enough sleep and appropriate skin care.

You might have heard already that Cindy is promoting Meaningful Beauty cosmetic products under her name. These contain sunscreen, moisturizer and cleansing properties and are major parts of her young and healthy look, as she states herself. Cindy is proud to put her name under this brand because it has unique antioxidant as the main compound that helps to reduce impact of toxins or other chemicals influencing daily the health of your skin.

However, Cindy admits as well that after 40 you have to take special care of your skin. Cosmetic products are not strong enough. She gets her skin treated from time to time with Botox or goes to special nourishing procedures and massages.

Well, we just have to say that this mother of two looks amazing for being 48 years old and many people can only envy her. I guess, it is also thanks to her genes!


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